Board Members

President and Director and Chief Scientist

Jun Nishigata

Jun Nishigata is Director and Chief Scientist of ALXIS DATA, Inc. He is also one of the founding members of the company.

While still a student at Kyoto University, Nishigata conducted research on mathematics, reconstructed integral geometry on his own, and solved a number of challenging mathematical problems. Utilizing these findings, he devised image analysis technology by conducting interdisciplinary research from pure mathematics to computer science. Since then, he has been promoting research on original deconvolution technology, coding technology, and quantum measurement theory.

Nishigata holds a BS in Applied Physics from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Osaka University Graduate School.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sigeo Yoshikawa

Shigeo Yoshikawa joined ALXIS DATA in 2021 as Sales Officer.

Yoshikawa joined the Daiwa Bank (now known as Resona Bank) in 1989 and has worked at branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, with a focus on corporate sales. 

After several years, he pivoted to the image inspection and machine vision industry by a scout of a business partner. As a sales manager, he made agency contracts with overseas manufacturers and manages sales of domestic customers. 

Yoshikawa has also been involved in the establishment of JIIA, an international standardization organization established in 2006 for the standardization of industrial image processing technology led by Japan. 

In 2018, he established a trading company specializing in optical systems and image processing. He now works as a sensing technology coordinator by utilizing the network cultivated over many years of his career.

Yoshikawa received his undergraduate degree from Osaka City University. He belonged to the rowing club during college and spent four years focusing on rowing.

Corporate Data

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Hongo 6-17-9-10F, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan

- Research and development of image analysis technology

- License/software sales

- Joint development and sales of embedded devices/hardware


Management, seed investors

President and Chief Scientist Jun Nishigata

President and Chief Executive Officer Shigeo Yoshikawa