Board Members

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sigeo Yoshikawa

Shigeo Yoshikawa joined ALXIS DATA in 2021 as Sales Officer.

Yoshikawa joined the Daiwa Bank (now known as Resona Bank) in 1989 and has worked at branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, with a focus on corporate sales. 

After several years, he pivoted to the image inspection and machine vision industry by a scout of a business partner. As a sales manager, he made agency contracts with overseas manufacturers and manages sales of domestic customers. 

Yoshikawa has also been involved in the establishment of JIIA, an international standardization organization established in 2006 for the standardization of industrial image processing technology led by Japan. 

In 2018, he established a trading company specializing in optical systems and image processing. He now works as a sensing technology coordinator by utilizing the network cultivated over many years of his career.

Yoshikawa received his undergraduate degree from Osaka City University. He belonged to the rowing club during college and spent four years focusing on rowing.

Director and Chief Scientist

Jun Nishigata

Jun Nishigata is Director and Chief Scientist of ALXIS DATA, Inc. He is also one of the founding members of the company.

While still a student at Kyoto University, Nishigata conducted research on mathematics, reconstructed integral geometry on his own, and solved a number of challenging mathematical problems. Utilizing these findings, he devised image analysis technology by conducting interdisciplinary research from pure mathematics to computer science. Since then, he has been promoting research on original deconvolution technology, coding technology, and quantum measurement theory.

Nishigata holds a BS in Applied Physics from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Osaka University Graduate School.


Kazumasa Sunagawa

Kazumasa Sunagawa is Director of ALXIS DATA, Inc. and is also one of the founding members of the company. He works on image analysis as a serial entrepreneur.

Sunagawa started programming in machine language, BASIC, and C language from elementary school and posted in technical magazines. In the elementary school graduation collection, he wrote that he will buy a supercomputer and earn 100 million yen a day, exceeding recruitment in the future. As a teenager, Sunagawa built an international communication network using VoIP in line with the lifting of the ban on international public and private connections. He is experienced in communication companies using VoIP and HFC, as well as Linux hardware/middleware, applications such as Java, and cloud development such as AWS and GCP in IT consulting. In his 20s, he started several business companies and has conducted M&A for 4 companies.

Sunagawa received a Bachelor's Degree in Statistics from Aoyama Gakuin University and completed an MBA from the same graduate school. He studied the long-term stock price effect during his undergraduate years and studied ESG in his master's.

International Standardization Officer

Jiro Yoshino

Yoshino joined ALXIS DATA in 2021.

After working at Dentsu Institute, Education Reform National Conference Office of Cabinet Secretariat, and at Sales Bureau of DENTSU INC., he became independent in 2013. At the DENTSU Sales Bureau, he was engaged in marketing, promotion, and brand strategy for major brands as an account executive in charge of major consumer goods manufacturers.

In 2015, Yoshino was selected as a Fellow of the AILA International Fellows Program from the think tank CSIS in Washington, DC, USA. He worked as a Japan-US Young Leadership Program Fellow sponsored by the US-Japan Foundation.

Yoshino has a Master's Degree in Economics from Kyoto University Graduate School and an MPA from Harvard University Graduate School of Government.

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Financial Advisor

Kazuhiko Takeda

Takeda joined Sony Corporation in 1983. He has served as Executive Officer of Sony Corporation, Vice President and CFO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Takeda was in charge of a wide range such as accounting/finance, business planning and management, head office functions, divisions, factories, sales companies, and JVs centered on IS. In the later of his career, he engaged in transformation including management visualization, globalization, business start-up/convergence/turnaround. He experienced working abroad for a total of 20 years.

After retiring from Sony, Takeda joined ALXIS DATA in August 2021.

Business Management / Legal Affairs

Yoshika Kuroiwa

In 2019, Kuroiwa joined Casley Holdings, Inc., the parent company of ALXIS DATA, as a new graduate. Since joining the company, she has belonged to three projects and has been engaged in various tasks such as legal affairs, accounting, labor, public relations, planning, and marketing.

In 2020, she joined ALXIS DATA at the same time as the company was founded, and concurrently serves as business management and legal affairs.

Kuroiwa graduated with a Master's Degree in Linguistics from The University of Tokyo and holds a BA from International Christian University.

Corporate Data

Company name

Registered location of the head office

Major business domain

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Yebisu Garden Place Tower 31F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6031 Japan

- Research and development of image analysis technology

- License/software sales

- Joint development and sales of embedded devices/hardware


Management, seed investors

President and Chief Executive Officer Taku Kutsuzawa

President and Chief Executive Officer Shigeo Yoshikawa

Director and Chief Scientist Jun Nishigata

Director Kazumasa Sunagawa