Enrich our society with new technology that exceeds the limits of optics

We, ALXIS DATA Inc., invent, research, and develop optical technology that changes the world

by centering on image analysis technology that uses outstanding mathematics, physics, and computer science.


From text data-based to image data-based era

In the coming era when image data overflows, the problem is how efficiently we can extract information from image data.

By focusing on the following two points, we would like to enrich our society's image information usage scene in the future.

1) low power consumption imaging technology that makes us easier to retrieve information with high efficiency

2) high-precision information retrieval technology


1st MISSION・Reduce power consumption

Image sharpening technology, the imaging technology we are working on, was originally a very computationally expensive process.

To address this issue, we are working to reduce power consumption with the aim of achieving a calculation cost that is one million times lower than before.

To realize a more general-purpose implementation, we are also actively working on the following.

Technology that keeps data communication costs low, since an image sharpening technology normally requires high-quality RAW images

Decentralization of computational resources for image sharpening technology, which tends to be concentrated in one pole

This technology is expected to be used in specialized fields such as crime prevention, industry, medical care, and academia, as well as in all IoT fields by taking advantage of its versatility.

This is our 1st mission.

2nd MISSION・Aim for an optical paradigm shift

How much can image sharpening technology improve the limit of optical resolution?

In the basic theory of optics (wave optics and quantum optics), it is said that it can be improved up to twice.

We have obtained resolution improvement results that far exceed this theoretical limit

and have made a very unique hypothesis using the developing quantum measurement theory.

By academically establishing our surprising experimental results that overturn conventional wisdom

we are willing to guide the optical technology of a new era.

This is our 2nd mission.


Ultrahigh-speed blind deconvolution "RING", 

and high-quality replacement product of unsharp mask

 "DIscovery" We provide each software and API as a product.

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Joint Research / Joint Development

Based on our strong belief in renewing the existing

paradigm,we are promoting joint research and development with universities and partner companies by utilizing our advanced estimation and analysis technology.

We are looking for universities and partner companies to engage in joint research and development.

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