We will exhibit at IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2022 in Pacifico Yokohama

We, ALXIS DATA, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shigeo Yoshikawa/Taku Kutsuzawa), will be exhibiting at the IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2022, where domestic and international image processing equipment and sensing technologies will be showcased.

The following is an overview of our exhibit at the show.


■ Background of Exhibit

We are an R&D company that develops innovative deconvolution technologies based on our own fundamental mathematical research.

We have accumulated achievements in various industrial and academic fields such as semiconductors, biotechnology, inspection equipment, aerospace, infrastructure, security, and collaborative research with universities, and have solved challenges faced by our customers by improving processing speed, lowing computation volume, and improving resolution that could not be solved by conventional deconvolution methods.

At this year's Image Sensing Show, the RING series of blind deconvolution products will be the centerpiece of the exhibit, and we will also introduce application examples.

Three representative examples are the followings.
1) "RING Viewer" for viewing sharpened images on a desktop PC
2) "RING Cloud" for easily trying out sharpening in a cloud environment
3) "ASCA" which is a platform for this technology with a high-definition 8K camera and local 5G communication.

All of these applications are implemented using the development API included in the RING series, and the exhibit will provide an image of the wide range of possibilities that RING has for your product and solution development.

■ Exhibition Highlights

・Blind deconvolution products

 RING1.6 series, 2.2 series, 3.2 series (prototype)

・Desktop applications using RING1.X series APIs

 RING Viewer 1.X

・Web applications using RING2.X series API

 RING Cloud 1.X series

・Example of solution development using RING1.X-based API

 Deconvolution with 8K camera + L5G communication

 *Sharpening → marketing & security solutions in post-processing

■ RING Features

RING ( Restoration with INtegral Geometry technology ) is an abbreviation for our completely proprietary "blind deconvolution" technology that is independent of lens characteristics (PSF).

It is an extremely unique technology invented not from a conventional physical approach, but from a purely mathematical approach, and is 100% domestically produced.

1. Ultra-high-speed performance (less than 10ms for 4K images, 1 million times faster than the conventional performance)

2. Low power consumption (= low computation volume)

3. Improved sharpening characteristics (low noise, low artifacts)

4. Application integration through the use of APIs

5. Proprietary codecs with high compression and image quality

With the implementation of API from the 1.5 series announced in December 2021, it has undergone significant evolution, and its achievements continue to increase in research and industrial applications.

■ Demonstration Schedule

During the exhibition, our technical sales staff members and researchers will be available to explain the technology and demonstrate its actual operation.


Development prototypes using RING and API will be exhibited.

1. Demonstration of RING/RING Viewer operation using a general-purpose PC and Opto IM-Series optical microscope:

 Sharpening characteristics, API linkage, ultra-high-speed performance

2. Demonstration of RING Cloud:

 From uploading analysis target to cloud to notification of analysis result

3. Demonstration of solutions using RING API

 8K camera + RING using Local 5G + marketing camera, application to security cameras

■ Eligible Customers


① Manufacturers who want to create products differentiated from other companies

 e.g. development of deconvolution cameras, adding deconvolution mode functionality to desktop applications (4K/8K inspection equipment, microscopes, endoscopes, drones, etc.) development of high throughput products with high image quality and high compression transmission using deconvolution codecs

② System integrator customers who want to develop new solutions using the new technology

 e.g. deconvolution camera → machine learning and AI of sharpened images → marketing and security applications, cloud services


① Customers with issues caused by large-volume image data

 e.g. inspection equipment requiring high-speed performance, surveillance cameras, satellite cameras, creative storage vendors, ISPs, infrastructure and security (long-distance wireless communication), etc.

② Customers with power consumption issues caused by image data

 e.g. cell phone manufacturers, camera manufacturers, module manufacturers (e.g., automated driving), data centers, etc.

③ Customers facing challenges in sharpening and improving image quality

 e.g. image sensors, microscopes, visual inspection, research institutes, aerospace, biotechnology, crime prevention, marketing, etc.

■ Awards

In 2016, inventor Nishigata was selected as a WIRED x Audi INNOVATION AWARD 2016: Next Innovator, and in 2019, the technology won the "Excellence Award" in the software category of the "31st SME Excellent New Technology and New Product Award". In 2020, the company was selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Corporation's "Innovative Service Subsidy" program and has received high acclaim both domestically and internationally.

■ Outline of the event

The venue is fully equipped for corona control by temperature inspection, disinfection, admission restrictions, etc.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.



Event Name: Image Sensing Show 2022


Organizer: Advanced Communication Media CO.,LTD.

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - Friday, Junel 10, 2022 10:00-17:00

Location: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall D

Booth number: 61


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31st Floor of YGP Tower, Ebisu 4-20-3, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-6031, Japan


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