We, Alxis Data, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shigeo Yoshikawa), will exhibit at the INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITION ON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT 2022, an exhibition where the largest and most advanced machine visions in Japan are gathered.



We are a research and development company that develops innovative deconvolution technology through our mathematical basic research.

We solve our customers' problems by improving the processing speed, low calculation amount, and resolution that could not be done by the conventional deconvolution method.

We have accumulated achievements in various industrial and academic fields such as semiconductors, biotechnology, inspection equipment, aerospace (drones), infrastructure, security, and joint research with universities.

At the exhibition, we will exhibit the latest updates to our flagship blind deconvolution software, the RING series, as well as the types of equipment.

■Highlights ① <New announcements>

1. RING 3.0 ~New version~

This is the first product to apply the "local deconvolution method" that varies the filter for each different blurring method in the image. It solves the problem of the conventional deconvolution method, which is difficult to handle different blurring patterns in an image, i.e., can only handle uniform blurring patterns. For example, it can be expected to be applied to peripheral aberration.

2. RING CLOUD ~Supporting videos and small lot samples~

This is a service that automatically analyzes and obtains the results by e-mail just by uploading the data you want to analyze to the cloud. Completion of video support in the cloud, which used to require API creation. In addition, even in cases where the number of samples is small and it is difficult to purchase the app version, analysis can be performed cheaply and quickly using the cloud.

※Note that the video supports multi-stack TIFF and AVI.

3. RING Viewer for Desktop

This is a version that enables intuitive operation with a GUI. In addition to being able to compare before and after deconvolution on the screen, parameters can be set freely. This enables quick analysis compared to conventional CUI.

Furthermore, we are expanding support for APIs and libraries, and we are planning to introduce a C# version from the conventional C language, so we can expect further use in embedded systems.

■Highlight ② <Image of the equipment and product operation>

Along with the announcement of the above new products, we will also exhibit usage and operation images of recommended camera devices that work with the new products.

1. Micro endoscope 1mm and 8mm

The 1mm endoscope, which is about the size of the tip of a hair, is ideal for use as an angioscope and for inspection and diagnosis of extremely narrow vessels. The 8mm endoscope with LED illumination is mainly intended for use in industrial applications and is effective for inspections while illuminating the inside of a cylinder, for example.

Endoscopes have limited lens performance, so deconvolution is extremely effective. Please see the change in the demo.

2. Microscope Opto "Plug & Play"

Lenses, sensors, lighting, and software are set in one housing, and analysis is possible anywhere with a dedicated attache case. For example, even in cases where samples were obtained on-site and waited for analysis in the laboratory, inspections can be performed quickly by bringing an attaché case to the manufacturing site.

Deconvolution is an extremely effective means to further improve the amount of data in images captured with a microscope.

3. Industrial camera USB3.0

If you connect a major USB 3.0 compatible industrial camera used for visual inspections and the like to RING Viewer, you can quickly perform on-site analysis, parameter settings, and before/after confirmation.

In order to improve the inspection performance of industrial cameras, it is expected to improve the judgment system by combining it with deconvolution.

■About exhibition

The venue is fully equipped for corona control by temperature inspection, disinfection, admission restrictions, etc.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.




                                ON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT 2022


Sponsored by: Advanced Communication Media CO., LTD.

Period: December 7(Wed.) through 9(Fri.),2022 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m.


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