We will announce "Dual-Resolution" at "OPIE '2023" held at Pacifico Yokohama.

We, Alxis Data, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shigeo Yoshikawa), will exhibit at "OPIE '2023", one of the largest optical system exhibitions in Japan.



We are a research and development company that develops innovative deconvolution technology through our mathematical basic research.

We have expanded into industrial fields such as semiconductors, biotechnology, inspection equipment, aerospace (drones), infrastructure, and security, as well as academic fields such as joint research with research institutes and universities. 

Among them, we have contributed to product appearance inspection, development of medical equipment, and performance update of microscopes.

In particular, we are solving our users problems by high-speed processing, low computational complexity, and improved resolution that could not be solved by conventional deconvolution methods.

At this year's OPIE '2023, we will exhibit the latest update of "Dual - Resolution" installed in our flagship blind deconvolution software "RING series" and various applied equipment.

■Highlights ① <New announcements>

1. All RING Series ~ Dual - Resolution ~

Super-resolution processing is now applied to the conventional excellent deconvolution results. The sense of resolution in images that have undergone super-resolution after our deconvolution is greatly improved, and the effect can be visually felt.

Two types of super-resolution modes, linear interpolation and bicubic interpolation, can be executed with different parameters, and users may easily operated on the desktop according to their equipment and situation.

In addition, the operability of the "local deconvolution method", which varies the filter for each type of blurring in the image, has been greatly improved compared to previous products.

2. All RING Series ~ Artifact/Noise Suppression ~

While deconvolution has the advantage of sharpening the image, it had the disadvantage of amplifying false resolution (artifacts) and noise.

To address this issue, we have developed a new algorithm that integrates and averages multiple deconvolution images. We also succeeded in suppressing the increase in noise by lowering the level to a level where artifacts are no longer visible even with sharpening. This makes it possible to output a clearer image than ever before.

3. RING Lab ~ Research data storage service ~

To let our users utilize RING more conveniently, we propose a service linked to storage for pre- and post-analysis storage.

Currently, it seems that many companies are using cloud services to store secure images and videos such as research and development and AI teaching data. Many of the data analyzed by RING are highly confidential, and there has always been a need from our users for a service to store them safely and at low cost.

Therefore, we will exhibit the concept of "RING Lab", a service that minimizes storage costs by storing analyzed images and videos with RING in a closed internal network and only with related parties.

■Highlight ② <Image of the equipment and product operation>

Along with the announcement of the above new functions and services, we will also exhibit usage and operation images of recommended camera devices that operate the new functions and services.

1. Micro endoscope 1mm and 8mm

The 1mm endoscope, which is about the size of the tip of a hair, is ideal for use as an angioscope and for inspection and diagnosis of extremely narrow vessels. The 8mm endoscope with LED illumination is mainly intended for use in industrial applications and is effective for inspections such as illuminating the inside of a cylinder.

Endoscopes have limited lens performance and therefore deconvolution is extremely effective. Also, users can select between normal deconvolution processing or super-resolution processing, which let them choose the most suitable image for the usage scene. Please see the change in the demo.

2. Microscope Opto "Plug & Play"

Lenses, sensors, lighting, and software are set in one housing, and analysis is possible anywhere with a dedicated attache case. For example, even in cases where samples were obtained on-site and waited for analysis in the laboratory, inspections can be performed quickly by bringing an attaché case to the manufacturing site.

By performing deconvolution on the image taken with a microscope, it is possible to improve the resolution and further improve the observation accuracy. In addition, by adding super-resolution, it is also possible to obtain a sense of resolution that has never been seen before.

3. Industrial area camera "Real time Dual - Resolution"

Dual-Resolution can be installed in industrial area cameras used for visual inspection. Since it is possible to process deconvolution and super-resolution at processing speeds unimaginable with conventional methods, it is expected to be used for real-time inspection.

■Overview of  the exhibition

Name of the Exhibition: OPIE ’23 (OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition 2023)


Sponsored by: The Optronics Co., Ltd.

Date: Wed. 19 – Fri. 21 April 2023 (10:00 – 17:00)


Booth number: O-36


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